Millets Foxtail 500 gms

Foxtail Millet is a vegan food and also a gluten free cereal. It is rich in proteins and low in fat.It has good amount of fiber, calcium, iron, carbohydrates and has no sugar content.

Health benefits:
  • Controls blood sugar
  • Reduces risk of heart attacks
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Reduces gastric problems

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  • Foxtail (Thinai) rice payasam
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  • 150 gram Foxtail rice, 125 gram Jaggery, 5 gram Cashewnuts, ½ litre milk, 2 Cardamons 2 ripe Banana
  • Dry roast foxtail millet for few minutes until turns to golden brown. Grind it in a mixie like rava. Add water and pressure cook it.
  • In a small pan heat a teaspoon of ghee and fry cashewnuts. Cut bananas into small pieces. Boil milk in low flame for few minutes and then allow it to cool down.
  • In a separate vessel dissolve jaggery in water and filter it to remove the dirts. Bring filtered jaggery water to boil. When liquid is turning slightly thick add cooked foxtail millet and cook until jaggery blends well with millet.
  • Add milk, cashewnuts, cardamon powder and mix well. After it sets down, add banana and garnish with roasted cashewnuts. Foxtail rice payaasam ready to be served.
  • Pongal, Upma, Puttu etc


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